Social Media Is Not About Making Friends, It’s About ROI

I have been getting a lot of objections from clients lately about social media. “Show me the money,” they cry. “Where’s my ROI?” In factr, I was working on a proposal today and trying to determine the best way to explain to the prospect where they really get ROI from social media. It’s not indutitive to the uninitiated, and if you don’t have a basic understanding of online communicaitons, the old outbound marketing think kicks in. It’s hard to retool your brain from outbound marketing to interactive conversation.

So I wanted to share some insights from Olivier Blanchard, who blogs as the Brand Builder. He has some really insightful thoughts on how to think abotu social media in terms of ROI. Here’s a presentation on the topic…


As well as a copy of the original slides. (With a nod to Ed Bishop and the cast of UFO – a very clever use of campy science fiction fare.)

Any marketing program is useless unless you can measure the results, either in terms of increased profits or reduced costs. So how are you measuring ROI? What metrics matter to your clients?

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