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    Yesterday I posted a blog about GoDaddy’s current communications crisis. Today, I received an email from CNBC asking me to comment. This story continues to escalate, and clearly it’s time for GoDaddy’s management to step forward and say something positive and proactive to restore some of the company’s lost reputation.

    In his recent CBS interview, CEO Bob Parsons said”

    “I couldn’t be any better,” he told CBSNews.com in an interview. “The blowback – you’ve got to look at who it’s coming from: a small but very, very vocal group that moves in unison, inspired by PETA. Very few of them are our customers.”

    Due to the viral nature of the web, this story is indeed touching GoDaddy customers and they are abandoning the domain registry in droves. The blowback is turning into a firestorm as this kind of ongoing coverage demonstrates. Clearly it’s time for the communications team at GoDaddy to step forward, muzzle their CEO, and start rebuilding their reputation. It’s not enough for Parsons to commit to no longer hunt big game. He has to apologize and make amends to the people he has offended, especially his customers.

    And if they don’t act soon, GoDaddy is going to lose much of its business to aggressive competitors that are willing to kick Parsons when he is down. Consider the launch of the NoDaddy promotion from Venovix. It’s time GoDaddy gave up this fight before all their customers switch.


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  • Rick Mixter Says:

    This is such an evident clash between personal vanity and simple good sense and larger self interest that it is amazing the issue has risen to this level.

  • Ava Says:

    If I had just viewed the news clip, I myself would never associate with this company at all. Although that is not the case. I myself have used GoDaddy.com many times in the past year and have found that each and every employee has been so kind and helpful with such a servant spirit. I don’t think I can lose that support with my writing and blogging.

    This coming from someone who was a vegetarian for 8 years due to my love of animals I feel says a lot for the company’s employees and culture. Sometimes the acts of one man does not represent the whole company!

    Ava Roxanne


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