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Our approach to media relations is to “reverse engineer” the editorial process. Drawing from our experience as trade journalists, we know the information that reporters find valuable. Part of our job is to make the editor’s job easier, and in the process do our best to ensure that our clients receive the coverage they deserve. We know that the editors and analysts who follow a client’s market are never fooled by “smoke and mirrors” presentations and evasive answers. That’s why we work with clients to present clear, concise information that tells your story in a compelling fashion.
We view the editors and industry analysts as our clients as well. That’s why we work hard to deliver concise, targeted information that will have value to them and their audiences. This cooperative approach to media relations ensures long-lasting relationships with the editors and analysts for our clients and for us. And that provides editors and analysts with a deeper understanding of your market and products that results in better coverage for you.
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